More Uphold Nightmares

Transaction under review

Uphold Support

  • 7 hours ago

Hi Randy,

Your withdrawal of 0.23639963 LTC to LQNjHhY9wRcWjDGN3oFWuh5eCfXfbpeNqj is being reviewed.

Why Has This Happened?

We were unable to verify your selfie as required in order to complete the transaction.

What Happens Next?

Our team is running a few checks in the background and may reach out for further information if necessary.

Thanks for your understanding - we expect to get you up and running again very shortly.


The Uphold Team


Randy Briggs

  • a few seconds ago

Your ā€œsuspensionā€ of my transaction has caused me to miss a buy in on a dip in a crypto that I hold. Right now costing me hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars. UNACCEPTABLE. I will be also sending a copy of this to the Brave Browser community support page and closing my Uphold Account. As my Brave ads account has been frozen due to this ā€œsuspensionā€, costing me a small amount of revenue also.

.R. Briggs

Please Brave. Hurry up with the BAT to our own wallets and no more outside ā€œcentralizedā€ ownership of our rewards.!!

Brave Rocks. You guys are awesome, THANKS !!

That is not entirely accurateā€¦ I have been holding BAT in a Gemini account for over a year and they will not let me Withdraw to a personal wallet unless I wire transfer funds to themā€¦They could just ask for I.D. or an ACH or Debit orā€¦ no they want a min. 20 dollar or more wire transfer and MAYBE they let you get to your BAT tokensā€¦That makes the Brave Browser a 100 pct Scamā€¦ Use brave for an entire year then give us 20 dollars then maybe we give you less money in BAT in returnā€¦ What a waste of time. 1yr of my time plus i pay 20 dollars then MAYBE ? i can have my BAT??? SCAMMMMMMMMMM!!!

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That is a funny way of thinking you are free.

ā€˜Do as you are told, or no munies for you.ā€™

Comply, or we keep your money?

How is that consistent with protecting my privacy?
If I do this then all my browsing history is revealed.

Nope, not gonna do it.
Wouldnā€™t be prudent.


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