Brave has scammed me 3.75 BAT

These motherfuckers of brave have scammed me 3.75 BAT when I connected uphold account I tried to contact them and no response received!!! So dissapointed!!! They scammed!!! I know is only 4 USD, but what if in the future explodes like BTC or ETH… is not fair


Hi, @fdigon, there is a known issue likely causing this. You can follow Support’s thread for any updates on a fix.

Ha ha ha :wink: 4 BAT x 60,000$ = 240,000$ is not bad, isn’t it


I celebrate your gentle choice of words. :laughing:

However, I doubt that it will help you to get a faster and better support. :thinking:


at least helps to release tensions against these scammers

I have found the Brave team to be very helpful so far and so I think that helps for purely nothing.

I would say that the tone makes the music and how you shout into the forest is how it comes back. Not only here, but everywhere else in life. Therefore it’s my opinion that respectful interaction with each other is more conducive to a solution than some insults. But this are only my 2 cents.


@Chezar is absolutely correct here.
@fdigon please change the tone and choice of language so that we can have a respectful and cooperative interaction.

To start, we didn’t scam you. But also I don’t know what’s going on because you didn’t provide any information. What I assume you’re seeing is either a known auto-contribute issue – did you see on your Uphold account that 3.75 BAT was sent to Brave publishers? Or is this something else entirely?

I have collected 3.75 BAT in jan and feb and when i connected my uphold account and tried to withdraw just disappeared, now my balance is 0 and the tokens are not in my account
So YES you scammed me 3.75 BAT, until i see them in my uphold account or my browser

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Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page?


sent, please give me my tokens back and also i am not receiving rewards these days… really shady

I have sent the email and no answer, also i am not receiving the brave rewards… they are scamming people guys be careful…

Nobody has been scammed.
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