Uphold is a scam, uphold is trash

I make a transfer from uphold to my Binance wallet.
I have been waiting for 15 hours but the transaction is still in processing.
I contacted support for help processing the transaction.
The transaction was canceled almost immediately, and my account was changed to Under Review.

Uphold no longer has as good customer support as it used to be. They are trying to keep as much of the user’s cryptocurrency as their own.

Hope Brave expands and replaces uphold with a better payment method.

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Listen what happened next is they will disabled your account and tell you we can’t continue to offer you an account after 2-3 Days.

This same happened with me a week ago.

@steeven work on it,it is a frustrating user preset experience talk with other custodian and solve it otherwise you know better than me what to do but we just want solution of it


They just disable our wallets. I can no longer receive rewards from Brave from both the browser and the publisher. They will now be held by me as dead weight.
How fair. Not only that, but they won’t let me withdraw my earned tokens from my wallet, saying they’ll give the money back to Brave

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They denied for give you your past earned BAT?

If yes, then it’s not fine at all that was your balance so you have right to withdraw or move somewhere else

They disabled my account a week ago but they asked me my external wallet address and they sent me my BAT and other amount is refunded in my Debit/credit card

I hope You’ll get your BAT back


No, they said it was a final decision.
Without saying anything at all, what I violated and for what reason.

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How many BAT that was?

Over 3,000
And I’m not the only one

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I got BAT from Brave for content creators, does that matter? I have received the bonus many times into my account and have also successfully withdrawn it months ago.

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Ohh That’s Big amount

As your said before Uphold saying that they will give BAT back to Brave so you can contact Brave and ask them for it they will give you


Yes @grieftodie I got my all rewards from brave but this is problem about Uphold look at our previous conversation so you’ll get the idea

I contacted and was told to deal with these issues directly with Uphold

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Sorry for you but you are helpless at this moment Uphold say go to Brave, Brave says Ask to Uphold.

@grieftodie do you have any idea on this

If uphold does not handle the problem satisfactorily. I will use my twitter account to urge people to stop using Uphold.
I think that’s my way of venting this anger.

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It didn’t solve anything for me. Now they don’t even answer me.
They just took my money and that’s it.

There are many people facing the same problem as us.
We are silent, the Uphold continues to usurp.
I would like to urge people to express their anger by writing reports about the issue of Uphold blocking our accounts to steal our BAT.

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Yes if you have wider reach then please do that we will do our best

Let me know ur twitter handle

Hi @grieftodie, you will need to resolve this issue directly with Uphold support.