Brave and Uphold partnership

I can’t believe you have partnered with a company (Uphold) as your sole source of funding and withdrawals. Are you not aware that when you fund the Uphold account they then tell you (yes, after the fact) that your new BAT are locked during a 65 day settlement period.
I wasn’t! am now!
Are you F’ing serious???
Who would want crypto locked from trades for over 2 months???

You will say, Oh, that’s not us, you need to handle it with them. I have sent a ticket to them requesting they return my funds; to which I expect a nonsense answer and I’ll be screwed for 65 days.

But you are involved. Very much so. As it’s your choice in partner; and the ONLY choice for us.
So you ARE involved in the nonsense.
So, if that’s how this works, I’m not sure I’ll bother with the Brave browser anymore. Or BAT.

You need to make better choices with your partners, and provide more quality choices for us.
Back to Chrome until you do.


Isn’t Gemini the other option? Although I’m not sure if it’s any better. Afaik the uphold 65-day settlement period is only after the signup. Still annoying though.

I’ve been signed up, and 65 days is nothing short of criminal. I only ever have seen Uphold as the wallet to access Brave rewards. What a ripoff and waste of time. Back to Chrome.
At least it was only $50 for a test, but they have no right to hold that long.
Who in this day and age need 65 f’ing days for anything to settle, it takes seconds to buy BAT. Its absolute bullshit and I’m done with Brave, BAT, and Uphold(your funds)


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