Ilegal tansactions thief all my wallet (uphold) [help]

Today 24/03/2022 I noticed in my wallet uphold that two transactions had just been made this day in the amount of 1.75 in total bat sent to “Brave Software International”

I would like to be explained and reimbursed. I have no contribution or anything of activity like that. I shouldn’t have withdrawals from my account. I DIDN’T DO THESE MOVEMENTS even with uphold’s 2-step verification I only noticed it by seeing my empty wallet

Please, help me. Thank you;

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The exact same thing happened to me. I contacted uphold support for more information.

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Me too, but no response yet. At least i’m not the only one

I was going to write ‘take your meds’, but I will avoid posting it.

Check if you have auto-contribute turned on. Turn it off. 1.75 BAT about $1.5 are gone, your post explains it as $1.5 million worth are gone.
Check previous posts related to the matter.

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Well, sorry for worrying because they took everything from my wallet, isn’t it that it could happen in the future? with more money? I’m not the only one this happened to, the only related thing I found is the exact same issue from another guy. Do you have more information? could you leave it here instead of commenting nonsense?

SAME HERE: Send bat to Brave Software International

In brave rewards program by default auto-contribute is turned On (personally I dislike that is On by default).
Now make sure that auto-contribute is not turned on accidentally. There is also a bug which randomly turns On auto-contribute. So near the month-end when payments are finalized again make sure that it is off.

I have seen some users getting reimbursed for this issue, but it was awhile back, I do not know if they still do it.

You have right, for me is auto-contribute. On desktop, I disable auto-contribute, but I linked a few days ago my account to brave mobile and auto-contribute is on. Luckily I send contributions to 2 sites that don’t have Brave creator accounts. In 90 days, I’ll have my bat back.

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But I don’t know why I sent tips for these 2 sites. I remember that I have to activate a slider for the single site to auto-tips for the future. (One site is Google Drive). Now I have to wait.

But you see mi image? Do you agree that I have tips disabled? or is there another way to disable them
it also says I did NOT make any contributions this month, or am I seeing it wrong?
, thanks for replying


Bcuz auto-contribute was likely On. Check, type in the find section ‘auto’ and you will the relevant faq questions.

It is off now, it may have been On earlier when the tips were sent.

I cannot read your images, they are in spanish/portuguese.

Go to brave://rewards/. In it, scroll down in tips section. I will be in the bottom most part. Their likely brave 1.5 BAT sent to Brave software internation will be written.

Now i see. I have been linked two navigators last month so that those had the automatic contribution :rage:
There is a way to reimbursed the money? :pensive:

Well, Brave, replied to me via email and I was reimbursed, thank you all for your answers :smile: :vulcan_salute: