So I've been sc4mmed out of my BAT

You’ve allowed me to rack up my vBAT watching ads(essentially for free, you get to keep my money) because my 5hithole (IL) isn’t accepted on uphold.
Yeah, thanks a lot. I’ll be sure to never buy or hold BAT, and wish you a swift descend to 0.


Uphold will make no difference, they are just as bad as Brave. I have a verified Uphold account but am unable to withdraw my BAT to the account as there are ‘limitations’ on the account. Only way to get it away is to add funds to the Uphold account.

So I have to add funds via a bank wire transfer costing me $50 just to withdraw BAT worth $44.

This is all one big scam or rug-pull from Brave. Uphold is the partner they have selected and they know the problems users have yet they do nothing. Best you can do is to name and shame both of them as they don’t care about their clients.


Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.
Uphold is not the partner they chose, but the partner that accepted to work with Brave.
It’s not so easy to convince an exchange to work with a rewards programme if there is no substantial benefit for the exchange.
On top of this, it must be an exchange that complies with US law. Brave is an American company and cannot escape US regulators.

But, I agree with you that Uphold is definitely a source of troubles for users.

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so you have bats in you brave now ?

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.
Uphold is not the partner they chose,

So Brave did not give the okay to work with Upold, it was all a one sided thing decided by Uphold themselves?

Stop trying to protect Brave. They knew how this was going to play out yet they never informed their users that they would in all probability never be paid for the ads they watched even though Brave were paid for those ads.


Do you know how to read English? Was not a one side decision. That’s exactly what I tried to tell you. To have a partner it is necessary that the partner accepts making a partnership. If Brave could have Coinbase, Binance or any other of the big players, they would have done that. But such big players cost money. They don’t do anything for free.
Uphold sucks, Gemini even more. Both are bad. And both are in this partnership trying to s… users, because it’s their business. But those are the ones which accepted to make a partnership with Brave. It’s the cruel and sad reality.

Do you know how to read English?

Do you know how to write it?

You wrote: “Uphold is not the partner they chose, but the partner that accepted to work with Brave.”

So what you said was that Brave did not choose Uphold. If they did not then how did Uphold become a partner? Just magically?

Somebody at Brave must have decided to enter into a partnership with Uphold. A partnership does not just happen from one side, it’s an agreement between BOTH parties. So Brave had a say in this, they CHOSE to work with Uphold, they CHOSE to enter into a partnership, so as I said, they had a say in this.

You are trying to make this out as if Brave had no choice in this. You are also trying to make it out as if poor old Brave is now the victim of the bad service Uphold is giving and there is nothing they can do about it.

It’s their partner, they should address the issues with their partner instead they turn their back on the issues at hand and leave their clients to fend for themselves.

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