Avoid uphold at all costs

I would recommend anyone who is new to Brave/BAT to avoid dealing with Uphold. They have terrible customer support, their web interface is atrocious and completely unintuitive, and they have bizarre, complicated rules and processes for withdrawing funds.

For example, they divide cryptocurrencies into “tiers” and then have arbitrary rules that prevent you from withdrawing funds in a certain tier. And when I say “withdraw funds”, I mean just transferring them to another (i.e., external) wallet. Just as absolute scam.

I was excited about the Brave Rewards program when I first learned about it a few months ago, but my experiences with both Brave Support (which seems to be almost nonexistent) and Uphold have really soured me on it. Wow.

I personally refuse to link my Brave accounts to Uphold at all, just because of Uphold’s history of shady business practices, outrageously high transfer fees, and the recent massive embezzlement by their now-former Chief Compliance Officer. I don’t trust Uphold AT ALL. I am waiting for Gemini wallets to become available, and I will evaluate them before I link my Brave accounts.

I’m actually thankful that we used to have to accumulate 25 BAT in order to link a wallet, because getting to that point gave me plenty of time before taking the plunge to learn more about Uphold, enough to decide that I don’t want to have anything to do with them, ever.

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