More BAT issues (Wheres the BAT?)

Just like last month, and ty btw for still not replying to my payout info for May 5th. So I’ve been taking screenshots almost daily this month on the price of BAT, how much I have, and comparing with the market price. Last month although the price remained pretty much the same, I got only half of what what was owed. I asked Steeven to look into it, and he just closed out my ticket. I then DM him and Matches since and they both has just ignoed my request all month long.

Today I take my screenshots and again like last month, although the price in the last 24rs from time of screenshots the price of BAT is relatively they same, the amount of BAT I am going to get has been cut down drastically.
What’s going on here? Are you fixing purposely messing with the amount I should be getting? I know that price dictates how much you should get, but the prices are basically the same. There is no reason for this cut in payout.


same for me, the half oof my bat desapired, i hope to get my bat again

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Yeah good luck. They did this to me last month, and have gone completely silent in my request to correct this.

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Bro, I m Also Having the Same Problem I had 8.3+ BAT it came to 4.8 BAT Last month I lost 1.2 BAT and no one replied this time I lost more BAT I dunno whether they will solve it or not @steeven Can you help us?

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I even Have proof that i lost the BAT

544 ADS FOR 4.9 BAT …

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Start takiong screenshots everyday. Also watch the market. You will see what’s up.

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My Prob is Bat is Lost everytime when its glitched

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Same issue gone 9:30 today

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I understand this bunk is buggy as helll, but two months in a row this happends at the last week of the month doesn’t feel like a bug.

This post can clear some doubts,

Last month I reveive half of what I was suppose to get, and this if I’m reading it correctly, says that for this whole month my estimated payout was more than it was suppose to be due to not decreasing from last month? This makes no sense at all. I am still missing my half my rewards from last month so how is this possible? I’ve been trying to get last months squared away only to be ignored all month long. Now this bunk happens. Right, sounds legit

I think the half amount that you received in payout has been deducted from Estimated Pending Rewards. Any unpaid amount should be added in next month’s payout

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No reply from them this whole month after DMing both Steeven twice and Mattches once, tells me there is no fixing missing payment from this last month.

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I think @steeven is out of office. @Mattches can clarify your doubt.

I’ve DM mattches too. I have tried them both since around the 10th or so. Steeven was in, he just closed my request. Then ignored my other request. So I tried Mattches, and I’ve yet to hear from him since. Been over a week for Mattches. Look I’m just tired of monthly BAT issues.

Same here i lost half of my BAT…

Good luck getting support. I’ve got 41 BAT in my Android wallet. Linked to my Uphold account, but never goes across to Uphold. I just get ignored by Steeven the last couple of months, although he has helped in the past with issues. What’s the point in having ads enabled if you can’t get the rewards?

Users who aren’t getting BAT from their browser into their Uphold accounts are very likely encountering this known issue that the team is still addressing:

If you had some amount of BAT earnings this month and are now seeing that that number has decreased, you are very likely encountering the issue that @Aman_M pointed out just a bit ago:

I currently have about 1000 DMs (unread) in my inbox so I do apologize if it takes a while to get back to you on a DM you’ve sent. We are doing our best to address as many issues as possible and report these issues to the team to be addressed.

@Mattches So it’s Just a Bug this will be get fixed right? Because 2 months ago i lost 1.2 BAT like this and no one fixed :confused: . I hope It gets fixed.

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