I never got paid my May 5 payments

I wrote to them privately for more than 15 days because I did not drop the payment of brave ads, and they never give me a good answer … they never paid me

Could you help me? I need some good help with this.

They never answer the private

they dont answer. im having the same issue. No response from brave support team.
@steeven @Mattches

Stop spamming the community with your trash.

@jessusxds if you already send them a dm the best thing to do is wait

and is very likely the same with steeven.
@aziz007 please don’t go tagging them when is not necessary

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They answered me, they told me that they identified the problem and to wait … that was 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting

@jessusxds then wait, I know it is very frustrating but opening new threads won’t solve anything

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Not only that, but steeven has been on leave for the past week.

Thank you @JohnDproof @rosiecar.