Brave Rewards are dropping

Hi everyone,

Am I the only one who notices that the rewards are decreasing more and more every month? Obviously, the price of the BAT is well increased, I can hear it.
But the BAT rewards are getting more and more ridiculous, and it is now complicated to recover more than 2BAT per month on a device…

I’m curious to hear your feedback on this.

Have a nice day!

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I seen if you try to do 2 BAT then your bat ads getting increased that’s my experience till now for current month, i am also on same 2 BAT andnot got rewards in ads Today

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Hell yeah many of us already noticed it.
Raised many tickets for it but none worked. During my joining to brave getting reward worth 0.01 BAT per ads got this amount for few months and guess what it doesn’t give any rewards for 2-3 days and then from till now receiving 0.005 BAT per ads it’s completely half.
Everyone is disappointed by it and some are left using it.


And 1 month later, this is worst again…
They are killing the BAT…

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