Monthly ads count and gains wrong

So here is the problem. I use my computer EVERYDAY at least 6h to 8h for most of that time I have the brave browser open and I do receive the ads BUT the monthly count is at 113 for this moth even tho if you make the math knowing that I have 5 ads per hour 6x5=30 and 30*28=840 so I should have more or less this many ads viewed. So am I missing something or is it just a really annoying bug? And it’s more likely that this has been the case for several months because I have the browser since last year and have 60BAT only.

Thanks in advance for thahelp. :slight_smile:

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5 ads / 1 hrs it mean " maximum ads you get in 1hrs " not mean " you will get 5 ads / 1 hrs and 24 hrs / day "

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So are you saying that my friend who has the browser since May already catched up to me by pure luck? That’s unfair ann bizarre.

I think you don’t understand how things work.
You can get UP TO 5 ads/hour, not 5 guaranteed ads/hour, you can get only 4 or maybe 0, IDK.
Also, it seems there’s a 20 ads daily cap (cap for notification ads, it’s unknown if it does affect NTP too),
NTP ads are added to you monthly counter.


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Even with the UP TO 5 ads/hour don’t you think ~100 per month is really low? Plus I SEE the ads they just don’t add up to the count.

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Ye, super low, do you lose focus of the browser? let’s say, you use another program and leave brave in the background? that happens to me while working in photoshop and such, I dont’ get ads.

(4) How many ads can I see per day? Is there a cap? I’m not seeing ads anymore.

There is a daily cap of ads (21), so you may not see additional ads for a certain period of time if this limit is reached. There are also lifetime caps on certain ad campaigns, which limit the total number of times you may see an ad (after which the ad will never be displayed to you again).

source: BATproject subreddit

ur ad count is fake…

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what are NTP ads? what does it stand for?

New Tab Page, when you open a new tab, you can get a random picture of a landscape or an ad, they pay only 0.010


Yes it is, due to my job I’m here 24/7 so I can get a crap ton of ads (beyond the supposed 20 ads cap, as you can see in the excel sheet, I counted notification ads only).

They started to count NTP ads so my ads counter increased a lot.
My estimated pending rewards is above 50 bat NGL xD, every notification ad gives you .010 .050 .100 and .150, NTP ads gives 0.010 so you can do the maths.

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Cool. do you enter the figures manually to the spreadsheet or how does it work I’m interested.

So there is a problem. They say it’s 21 max per day but yesterday I got 35 meanwhile the day before I got only 2 even tho I did the same thing both days. And I checked and NTP ads aren’t even added to the count at all it’s weird and annoying.

install 2 browser(nightly and official) …and when 20 ads completed in one browser, use another one and earn more bats

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how to withdraw the BAT earned from the other version? can i tip to my publisher account will i get suspended as self tipping?

you can link 4 browsers to 1 uphold

It got reset like 40 mins ago, how are you guys doing?

Hi thanks for asking!
So I’m using my browser actively since 2h ago and I’m at 2 ads lol. And you?

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That’s very low :cry:, you should be getting notification ads between 11-20 minutes, and NTP ads every 4-5 new tabs, you better sync em, when you get a notification ad, try to get NTP ad as well.

I know ads are not the same global but if it helps you, I’m from MX, pc only.


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