Why are my friends getting ads more than me?

Hello, I started using Brave on the 21st of last month. I get 25 ads daily. However, even my friend who started using it yesterday gets 50 ads daily. We live in the same country. And I have many friends like this. Why am I getting fewer ads? :frowning:

Sorry for being blunt, but I think both of these statements are wrong.
Every brave browser has a daily ad cap of 20. You can’t get more than that.
Have a good day.

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I was also getting like 40-50 ads last month but after 7 july i am not even getting 20 ads per day i only got 3 ads.

My friends getting 70-80 ads per profile. I still get 25 ads per profile :frowning: @steeven

My friend start to earn BAT 2 days ago and he has 30 BAT( Total of 4 profiles) right now. I start 20 days ago and ı have 63 BAT (Total of 4 profiles). This is totally wrong.

Max ads 20 perday, how to get 40 ads perday from 1browser?

I dont know but it is possible. Just we cant but ı dont know why :frowning:
I hope @steeven see it.

Well i’m not sure, but somewhere i remember hearing that:

If you restart your PC after the daily cap of 20 ads, the counter gets restarted, i’m not sure of this. But since other programs like expandrive (a program to mount cloud drives locally in your PC) have this issue it doesn’t sound crazy. I mean i have that program for example, if i reach the limit of 20 minutes and i restart the PC, well it gives me another 20 minutes of use and so on (this happens on linux, i do not now if it happens on other O.S.).

In any case i have not tested this on BRAVE, principally because i don’t count the number of ads per day and i don’t really pay attention to that. Any way, if this is possible maybe they are exploting this bug (even without knowing it), of course if it exist.

My friends just earn it. And they get 50 ads per profile today. I get 25 ads. They can earn 5 dollars in 3 days. @steeven please look at it bro.

there are no caps of 20 30 or 50 per day . The number of notifications isn’t a fix one and it varies given a few variables including location and advertiser preferences . Just use Brave for what is was intended for and you will get rewards . 10 BAT a day seems a bit far fetched . This browser wont pay your rent

Of course, it will not be able to pay my rent.
It’s a subject I just opened because I’m curious. I have been using it for 22 days and it gives me 25 advertisements daily. But how does it get 50 ads that started using 3 days ago.
My goal here is to solve Brave Browse’s algorithm. Thank you for the answer.

Well as for the number, right now i not sure (im searching in threads to see what admin says) but the daily cap exist read the FAQ:

“There is a maximum number of ads that can be viewed per-day. If ads stop “suddenly”, this is likely the culprit.”

Ads don’t stop suddenly. I noticed that I only received 25 ads per day, while my friends were getting 50. But thank you for your answer.

Your welcome.

As for the suddenly, well thats why is quoted. That info comes from the admins. I’m looking for the number of daily ads, but from what i remember the cap is 20. I wonder how they are getting 50, my guess is what i already commented.

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daily maximum caps is 20/21. How they are getting 50 ads daily that’s what I am curious as well…:joy: wan’na know also.

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To be clear, as it states very plainly in our FAQ, there is a maximum number of ads any one browser can serve per day. If someone is claiming that they see 20+ ads from one browser per day, they are lying.

So, for example, @DeadShowP stated:

:point_up: Your friend is not receiving 50 ads per profile – it’s literally not possible. Further, you are not seeing 25 ads per day because this is, again, literally not possible. The exception is if you’re running more than one browser instance (for example, you have Brave stable and Brave Beta installed), you can receive up to the maximum ads cap per browser instance. However, that is per browser installation, not per profile.

I’d also like to reiterate what is plainly stated in the FAQ:

"When I opt in to Brave Ads, my browser will show me ads whenever I use it."

This is not entirely true. In reality, this statement should be:

"When I opt in to Brave Ads, my browser will try to show me ads which are relevant to me."

The difference in wording may seem small, but there is a substantial difference conceptually. The goal is to show you privacy respecting ads that are relevant to the user in the right context (a “match” is found) – not to make sure that all users “see some ads” . Enabling Ads does not guarantee that you’re going to see ads – if the system does not find a match for you in the ads catalog, then you will not see any (more information on this below).

Further, you may see ads appearing regularly today, but tomorrow you may not see any – and that’s perfectly fine . In this situation, it really is a feature , not a bug . We appreciate everyone’s understanding of this distinction and implore you to keep this in mind before assuming that the feature simply “isn’t working”.


Hello, with respect; I told my friends what you said, they just laugh. I think something wrong with that sir.

Your friends don’t sound very nice :slight_smile:

If they’re seeing more than the maximum ads cap per browser, they are lying – OR they are using multiple browsers and claiming that they’re getting them all from one browser installation.

This is easy to verify – if you go to Rewards Settings --> 7-day Ad history, you can see a breakdown of what ads were shown to you by date (for the last seven days). For example, it appears that I’ve seen 4 ads today (07/13/2020) so far:


Thanks for all your answers sir. I dont get any ads tho. I think UTC is important for ads am ı right?