So how is it that I only have 68 seen ads?

This month I’ve only seen 68 ads, But I am supposed to see 10ads per hour and I have had brave up and running since the beginning of the month non stop and if I have restarted my computer then it’s the first thing I bring back up and not only that I use it on my phone as well. How’s this humanly possible I only have 68ads seen? Not to mention I’ve used brave for well over a year now and last month is the first time I’ve ever been paid?! You gotta be kidding me right?

  1. You’re not guaranteed 10 Ads an hour. That’s the maximum you can get, not the minimum.

  2. Ads are based on your region and OS. Some days/weeks/months there aren’t a lot of campaigns in your area. Also keep in mind each campaign has view limits, so once you see it so many times, you can’t see or earn from it

  3. Also your device Locale, IP address, notification settings, and others determine what ads you get or if you even see them.

  4. I can’t see anything on Brave’s end. Did you ever submit that support ticket like @SaltyBanana told you to do in your own Topic where you mentioned earlier this month about how you only received one payment?

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