Only one ads in a day

In recent months ads was stable. Every hour there is 3/4 ads I seen but recently in this month I just saw only 1 or 2 ads in a day same as my 1 laptop 2 mobile there is no rush on ads that was previously. And in my region ads is supported

Ads frequency is expected to fluctuate based on a variety of factors. Seeing less ads sometimes does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong.

Hey @Mattches he is right before we used to receive 4 ads on opening tabs and 0.040 bat as reward but nowadays we only get one ad at a time giving 0.010 bat. I have checked the regional catalogue viewer and everything is same as before there about the campaigns then why is this happening.
Thank you

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Thanks for your reply I use brave 4/5 hours in a day but there is only one ads in a day.if I restarted my laptop then I got same one ads in a day

Because in the last update they nerfed ntp si, so now you get only one once in a while, instead of 4 per hour.


What is that could you please brief about it a little.

You used to be able to get 4 sponsored images in a row per hour, up to 20 per day. Now instead you get one every 15-30 minutes, still up to 20/day. What it means is, that even if you tried to keep up with it, you would still miss a few. Before I could get all 20 ads each day, now 13-14 at best, the result is that in the past few months I got 4bat whereas I used to get 10-12, a massive nerf.
On smartphone I haven’t updated and I still get 9/10bat per month.

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