Brave is legit?

Today , i got claim for ads rewards
In October i got 400 ads but it not counted
I think it fine , maybe it not counted but brave will paid me full on next month
But when i claim , it only 2 Bat

I saw a lot of topic about this , Brave legit?
i use window 10 and Brave 1.14.84
anybody here like me ?

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Same here bro. So confused :frowning:

400 ads! You are so lucky you got such a huge figure, as for me i haven’t received even 50 per a month but set it up to receive five ads per an hour but I thinks yours is a technical problem which needs to be considered .

My pc online 24/24 because i auto games , brave said if ads show , i will earn cryto , but it lie

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Hey @Cricket313

Your Brave version is not up to date :
Please update.

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yes i know that , but that is issue of brave , not me
i have just update today , and bat only 2 bat
Why brave wrong , and users lost bat about that

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Updating your browser is your responsability, not Brave :slight_smile:

As already explained by Brave team, ads frequency also depend on your country because some advertisers dont have the same goals.

Hope it’s help and have a nice day.

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