Receiving nearly no ads since a few months

I receive nearly no ads in my Brave Browser for Desktop. I don’t use Brave for mobile or other devices, so I don’t know if the problem also appears there.
This started since september I guess and I was hoping that you will fix that, but unfortunately the amount of ads is under 10 per month. I didn’t have that problem at the beginning when I started using this browser.

Currently I am at 7 ads for this month. Ads are enabled and set on 5 ads per hour.

I’m pretty sure it’s normal, @Noobie.

Brave Ads is processed by matching your browsing history with the available ads catalog. It’s also depends on the availability of ads campaign in your country.

And “5 ads per hour” is an “up to” setting. FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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Sorry, I wrote that bad with 5 ads per hour. I know that it is “up to”. But before that problem appeared, I received a lot of ads. Within less than a year I earned nearly 150 BAT. But know I only get like 2 BAT on my good months. I am living in Germany and the browser is my main browser, that I use multiple hours a day.

Did the ads catalog really become that small from one to another day? I really feels like a bug for me.

You can see how many ads campaign in your country here

And Brave Ads platform is still “a baby” and will growing over time. :slight_smile:

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But 17 active companies in Germany are not that low. Is there really no way to check that it is not a bug? Since I created that thread, I didn’t got any ads.

Is it possible to reinstall the browser without deleting all saved settings, bookmarks, browser history, etc.?

I’m from germany as well and been using brave browser since a few days, only received 6 ads on my first day which should’ve been around the 20th. And haven’t received a single ad since, so either they’re just out of ads or there’s a problem? I tried the Beta version of Brave Browser and didn’t get any ads there either so I dont think reinstalling would help with this… but if you do reinstall and it fixes your problem I’d appreciate if you could let me know.

I would tell your more, but I don’t want to lose all my settings etc. :confused:

Ok I might’ve found a solution since I’m now getting ads. So basically from what I’ve read Ads are categorized in different catalogs “Personal Fiance”, “Technology & Computing” Business and Education" etc.

By going to you can see which ads are in your catalog you’ll have to read between the lines though, I for example had code words in that catalog like “Premium suit”. So Basically what I did, was Google for a Suit and stay on their website a bit, a few minutes later I got an ad for Suits in Brave Browser after not having received a single ad for weeks. I also visited websites like Batcommunity and received cryptocurrency ads.

Definitely worked for me. @Noobie

Edit : Already gotten at least 10+ ads now since making this comment!

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Wow, ty. I will try that out. Hope I will get some ads back in that way.

Edit: Also received an ad now. But it looks like I only have Blockifi, a jeweler and access79 as my advertisors. That is not that much, tbh. No wonder that I didn’t receive any ads.

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