How to get more ads adsvertisement per day. I think Brave Browser has limit Ads appear

I try to used Brave browser in a day. I already check ads on that. I surpise they just showing up 21 Ads a day. So anyone who can get more ads olease tell me how to get that or maybe Brave have a limitation of advertisement.
Thank for reading.

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Number of ads you get I think relates to your location. Have a look at the link below and see how many ad campaigns are in your country.

Yeah I know but it just 21 Ads per day. I can not be more than that. So sad.

Around 40 here in the UK.

Really, I just surf on Internet?

Do you have any solution for that? I am US.

Not sure to be honest. Up until the end of February I was getting less than 20 ads per day then I assume more campaigns in this region came on board and the ads per day have shot up.

I do use the same pc for work and home since started home working due to virus but definitely a rise lately.

So we have to use it long time to get more ads?

I often notice the ads start again after stepping back from my desk for a second so I wonder if repeated used separated by a period of inactivity rather than continuous use is more important.

I’m only guessing though I really don’t know how it works. I always thought USA had most running ad campaigns so in theory most ads.

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Thank for your opinion. I will try to find out the way.

@levietduy1998 @Willy123
Hi welcome to the Brave community,
The number of ads you see depends on the availability of the ads campaign in your country and match found between your interest.

yeah but I try to surf a lot but it still 21 Ads per day. Is that a Limitation for ads?

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set maximum number of ads displayed (5 ads per hour)
browse as usual,
If your browsing interest match the current Ads active campaigns,
you can see more ads.

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