Missing BAT token from the Brave browser to Uphold Wallet

I have been accumulating the BAT tokens for months. At first all the tokens were send over to Uphold wallet. But lately, I notice only some were send to my Uphold wallet. Most f them are missing.

What happened and how can I get back my BAT tokens?


sorry i’m going to piggy back on this because i believe i’m having the same issues. For months the BAT rewards have been lower and lower, this month a little better then the payout came.

The last payout uphold activity says you recieved 3.065 BAT, but the browser says Nov 6 Ads rewards received 7.750BAT1.49 USD. Lost over half of the BAT for desktop brave.
Also maybe related the brave wallet linked to uphold says i have 17.480 BAT in verified wallet, but uphold says i have 9.73 BAT.

Possibly i am just missing some info here, but at any case Brave rewards are paying way less than they used to for months and if there is no solution i can’t see using this browser anymore for a measly dollar a month between mobile and desktop. Please fix


no response or help whatsoever? thats sad i liked brave browser. I will hate to stop using it, but i have no choice due to lack of support. Thanks for the very limited months of bug free use.

Hi there,
I manage to get a reply from Brave and my situation was somehow my Brave wallet was disconnected with the Uphold wallet.

Do watch this video and see if this helps.

All the best! :slight_smile:

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