Less BAT in my wallet than I earned

on the 16th of March i complained about not transferred BAT to my uphold wallet. My problem is still not fixed. I have earned 386 BAT which is shown in my browser but there are only 206 BAT in my wallet. I have never changed this wallet so it should all be there.

Philip Lehmann

Hello, Philip. My apologies for the confusion.

Can you tell me more about your setup; is this on a desktop (macOS or Windows)?

Are you running the latest version of the browser (1.8.96 at the time of this writing)?

Thank you.

I am running it on a Windows 10 notebook and it’s the latest version of Brave (1.8.96).

Thank you for the update. Do you have only one browser instance connected to Uphold?

Yes, I have. Just the one on my notebook.

You are likely seeing a reporting-bug, where your balance isn’t accurate. We’re working to resolve this issue, and hope to have an update which repairs the functionality in the very near future. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

I have tracked my balance over the last months and the amount shown in the browser is correct. But not everything has been transferred to Uphold. Maybe it is because I have connected Brave to Uphold a bit later after I started earning. Can’t you do anything about it? Maybe if I send you my internal stats.

We’re investigating an issue which may be impacting you. This could be related to a server-side bug, for which we have a fix nearing deployment. That said, would you be available for a Zoom call to take a closer look?

I don’t have Zoom. I thought there would be an easy way to fix this with my internal stats as proof that I’ve earned them. But this gets to time consuming. Then I have to live with 180 BAT less. But thanks for your dedication.

I have same problem, just verified my account, i have been using brave browser for a while
I have 147.9 BAT in the Browser but in uphold I can only see a fraction of that
I am missing more than half of what i have not just the monthly payment

I received the last 3 motnhs of rewards, but nothing from before

Uphold support told me to contact Brave.
@moderators @staff

payout for May ad earnings 2.04BAT lol…
this is a joke. time to switch browsers.

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