Lost Bat tokens

Hello, yesterday I lost over 60 BAT tokens. I tried to withdraw my funds but there is nothing on my wallet uphold. Can someone explain to me what happened ?

Thank you for your answers.

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Hi there, try restarting the Brave client. Make sure you shut down any and all Brave processes! Doing so should restore your balance.

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Same thing happened to me. I lost 5.2 BAT rewards to some auto-contribute exploit. My auto-contribute button was turned off the whole time. The tokens were in my Uphold account. However, with Uphold and the Brave browser being connected, the exploit is able to initiate a withdrawal from Uphold. I now think this is a serious security issue.

My main concern is that any BAT tokens I deposit into Uphold on my own will be at risk. My only option is to disconnect my uphold account from Brave. But such actions will only reduce my incentive to to use the Browser.

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I am not a creator or anything, but on Uphold you can transfer your money to different cards. You can put them in BAT card if you like, or even BTC, USD, Euro, or other coin…
Taking it out of Brave Browser card would stop this from happening possibly.

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I had the same issue a few days ago, i had around 160 BAT in my wallet and it all disappeared :frowning:
I have received my November BAT today which is even more worrying since I now only have that in my wallet and not my original BAT!

I went to check my balance a few minutes ago and it’s all back!

Very strange…

I had 11 + bat ($2), recently when I checked It dropped to 2.8 :frowning: