Previous months Brave Rewards missing after connecting to Uphold

I avoided using Uphold for the longest time, but it seems I don’t really have a choice if I want to collect my BAT received from ads. I had accumulated around 35 BAT over the past few months and wanted to withdraw them. So I went through the arduous process of registering on Uphold and verifying my identity (which is something I HATE doing). After I verified and connected brave to uphold, the 35 BAT went missing. I don’t see it in my rewards, and I don’t see it in Uphold. What happened to these BAT that I have been collecting for the past few months?

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Happened to me too right now. Verified with Uphold and my 26 bat went missing after that. Can’t find it anywhere?!??!

Connected the Same Uphold account to my Laptop and my 4 BAT also got lost

I just received an automated email from Uphold that says my deposits were received. I guess it just takes them some time to process the transfer which is odd considering cryptos are meant to be transferred rather quickly. You should received yours in a few hours too I imagine.

did you guys find a way to get the BAT back? Is there any way to contact Brave International about the funds they decide to take back without our consent?

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