MISSING BAT From my BRAVE DEV browser rewards wallet

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**Description of the issue: I have been using the BRAVE DEV browser. As of yesterday (03/31/19) I had a total of 2.10 BAT tokens in my BAT wallet that I received through rewards/ viewing ads. Today (04/01/19) I opened my BRAVE DEV browser and tapped on rewards settings. The 2.10 BAT that I have received is gone. I checked my UPHOLD account and the 2.10 BAT is not there. It is not the 5th of the month which is supposed to be the payment date. Please help.

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Thanks for reaching out. We’ve had other users report the same behavior and we believe once this fix is implemented the issue will be resolved:

Note that it’s labeled as P1 so it’s likely that this will be fixed asap. Thank you for your patience.

I am also having the same issue…

This is still an issue on my dev version 0.64.37 with no new version update available. I have the 60 BAT grant that showed up, but not the tokens earned. Any update on fix?

Same here. I received the 60 grant BAT tokens which I am thrilled about but my other tokens are still MIA

Also, tried the Brave Nightly build as reported would fix, however, I’m only able to get v0.65.16 stated fix is in 0.65.9 but my version shows up-to-date. Wallet in Nightly 0.65.16 was zero. The grants also have expiration dates so not really one-for-one trade-off.

Hello. Unfortunately none of the missing BAT have shown up. Also when I was online two days ago I viewed 8 ads which equaled 0.4 BAT. I just logged into my brave rewards page and I am at 0 BAT. I am concerned, confused and disappointed. Any advice?

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