Microsoft / Office 365 issues again

Description of the issue:
This current issue is the similar to the one myself and many others were encountering a month or two ago (example 1, 2), before the recent bug fix (link to the now-closed Github issue).

**Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): **

  1. Be logged into a corporate outlook account.
  2. Return to the open tab the subsequent day or later.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
The following error page, including console:

Attempting to open Outlook in a separate tab or at the alternate Office365 URL results in the same error.

Other Microsoft apps have issues in this situation too. For example, while URLs to individual Sharepoint files consistently open up fine, navigating to the top-level Sharepoint or Onedrive site is stuck eternally loading. Office .com loads fine (and is still logged in, as expected), but upon clicking Onedrive, it is stuck eternally loading. prompts me to login, but Onedrive is again stuck eternally loading at the next step. And when clicking on Outlook on Office .com page, the page fails to load with the same “This site can’t be reached” error above.

I have also gotten the constant refreshing Microsoft/Office login page upon attempt to login that myself and others were experiencing before the bug fix in March, but can’t figure out yet how to reproduce this result.

Expected result:
Outlook (and all other still-logged in Microsoft apps, such as Sharepoint/Onedrive, in other open tabs) open and function as normal.

Reproduces how often:
Every day, until I delete the cookies for office .com. This only fixes Outlook; Sharepoint/Onedrive only work as expected once cookies for sharepoint .com are deleted.

I can force the Outlook error to happen again within the same day sometimes by refreshing or opening Outlook in another, new tab, but it is a bit inconsistent on the exact steps needed to force it to break this way. Sharepoint/Onedrive do not break in this same situation however, and I have not been able to intentionally force Sharepoint/Onedrive to repeat the problematic behavior.

Operating System and Brave Version:
MacOS Sonoma 14.3.1
Version 1.65.122 Chromium: 124.0.6367.82 (Official Build) (arm64)

Additional Information:
Shields are set to down for Outlook and all other Microsoft sites.
Outlook and the other apps work perfectly fine in an anonymous browser, and when using other Brave profiles. Error also persists when using different wi-fi connections.

My office mate is using the same version of Brave, to access the same corporate Outlook account (on an earlier version of Sonoma, however), and does not encounter this issue. A cursory search on the Brave forums here doesn’t seem to surface others facing similar issues again after the March bug fix (which did originally fix my problems for several weeks).

Following up that this issue also occurs while attempting to log in to OneNote. In this case, deleting all Microsoft, Office, and OneDrive related cookies is not working as a solution. I have not found a workaround for accessing OneNote on in Brave so far.

Additional follow up– accessing OneNote is successful in Brave when clicking the link of a specific OneNote Notebook, which links directly to the Sharepoint domain ([rest of the URL here...])

Trying to access the OneNote homepage while logged into my Microsoft account is still unsuccessful. Through this approach, it first attempts to open a Microsoft 365 URL (, and then gets stuck cycling between this URL and a URL in its attempt to open OneNote.

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