May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

DO NOT re-install as it will make it impossible for us to restore your BAT balance!


Quick Update for iOS users:

Latest version is 1.16.2.

If you recently installed the hotfix v1.16.1 (May 15) and your main wallet balance dropped to 0.0 BAT or decreased unexpectedly, please do not panic. This is simply a display issue and has been fixed with v.16.2 (May 18). If you haven’t yet received the automatic update, you can go to the app store and update to v1.16.2 manually.

Quick Update for Android users:

Latest Version is 1.8.112

Fixes include:

  1. Issue with verified Publishers not showing up as verified.
  2. Ability to claim Rewards.

1. IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two sets of users on Android. (1) Some will see their earnings (or claim button) appear immediately; (2) others will see the payment show up in a few days after the hotfix has been applied.

Remaining issues:

Some users on Android are reporting that their balances are decreasing or going to 0.0 BAT unexpectedly, especially after a recent update. This may or may not be related to the hotfix patch. We are currently investigating, but we do not expect there to be any permanent BAT loss.


We have just released Brave 1.8.96 for Desktop. It includes fixes for the ads claim bug. Please update your installation of Brave via brave://settings/help, reboot the program, and any BAT you were unable to previously claim will appear in your wallet.

If you are experiencing this error on mobile devices, you will need to wait for these upgrade versions in order to successfully claim:

Android 1.18.1
iOS 1.16.1


Dear Brave Community -

Thank you for being patient as the engineering team sorted out the errors and have things working. All of the errors are now fixed at the server end and most Ads users should be able to claim their BAT or have it deposited to their Uphold account by tomorrow AM.

One exception that impacts less than 5% of Ads Rewards users;
For the users that tried to claim Ads earnings very early last night, they will need to get a software upgrade for their browsers before the claiming of Ads Rewards will happen.
Timing for such an upgrade:

We will post as soon as we have that and the work has already begun cross-platform to make it available.

Thank you again for believing in us and giving us the time to get it right.
The Brave Rewards Team

UPDATE from Rewards Team: May 6th, 8:29 AM PST

Dear Brave Community,

This is a quick update that we are experiencing some errors with our Ads Rewards claims that may cause some of you to experience errors in claiming your earnings. This may cause some frustration but do keep retrying. We have been working on the fix for the past 24 hours and have not been able to resolve yet. We will update this thread as soon as that happens.

Some quick notes;

  1. Users that are using Uphold user wallets are not impacted
  2. Users that are impacted via the error above will not lose their BAT
  3. This error is cross platform and impacts all platforms

Thank you for your patience and bear with us. We will update as soon as the issue is resolved. No reason yet to reach out to us. We will update next steps as soon as they are available.

Thank you,
The Brave Rewards team

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I am using an Uphold user wallet and over 10BAT has disappeared this morning, noticed you said that those users would not be impacted so wanted to let you know. Any update on when this will be returned?



Please do because its not helping anyone right now…

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I experience the same here my I even not saw the claim option, but my earnings are gone.


I did not saw the option to claim the reward but why some of my earnings are gone.
What happen here?


I’m using uphold wallet and I found out that over 10+ BAT tokens are missing from my rewards since this morning. You have mentioned that users with uphold wallet are not affected, but that’s incorrect I guess. Any update as to when this issue will be fixed?


Yup im missing 31.3 BAT on mobile and 25.5 BAT on Desktop. I trust that this is going to be fixed as mentioned.


Same here i lost 9 BAT and dont even see any claim button …now all my BAT is lost?
i will receive them back? the payment day now changed and i lost my 9 BAT… im very disappointed


I never got any option to claim my rewards. I linked an Uphold account when I first installed the browser but when I check that wallet there’s nothing there, either. Not even anything pending. I’m also seeing reports on these forums from several other Uphold users about straight up losing BAT from their wallets, so it’s obvious we are being impacted.

It kinda sucks having this happen my first month even using the program.


Same here, I tried to claim in mobile & pc, and neither of them worked, in mobile when I press claim button it keeps loading infinite, in pc when I tried to do the triangle test, also not working, I don’t know what to do, I have in total almost 10 BAT.

I’m using Brave Developers, I have a connected Uphold Wallet.


Monthly payouts roll out over the course of 1-2 days, not all at the same time. It’s pretty likely you are just further down the queue so no need to worry yet, keep an eye on your emails for a mail from Uphold when you get paid.

/edit: mine from desktop just came in correctly to Uphold. But my mobile (Android) payout broke aswell

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Me too. I’ve a verified Uphold wallet on Windows.

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I tried to withdraw my 28.2 BAT this morning. Clicked the claim button, and was left with a loading logo… To no avail… Sadly I have 0.00 BAT but my rewards are still pending?


Lost all my BAT. Also have an uphold wallet connected so the first claim’s wrong. Had almost 4$ worth of BAT. It says my wallet is empty and nothing has been transferred. Should I expect to wait?

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I got affected by this. Please reply ASAP. I had my uphold wallet connected but I checked the uphold wallet AND my brave wallet but it was empty and no BAT was over there. It also says that my rewards are still pending.

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As it stands I feel like repeated failures such as this severely damage the usefulness of BAT and devalue an already poorly performing altcoin as of late.

I too have lost BAT (on my phone) and I literally cannot re-attempt my request anymore. There has to be a better system than this centralized tally you currently run.


how do you manage to make that much BAT?

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I use Brave on mobile, in the settings you can adjust how many notifications you recieve per hour, I’ve selected 5.

Click settings, then change on the drop down tab. :slight_smile:

Edit:- This is my primary browser, so it accumulates pretty vastly, i regularly check cloud miners so my display is normally left on during the day, not sure if this helps. But maybe! Lol

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I had arround 20 BAT, connected to Uphold (verified) since Months… Now BAT’s are gone, but they are not incoming to Uphold…
Brave Desktop…

Hope the error is fixed very soon…
I love this Project, so i just wait a little Bit …

Payout is now in Uphold :slight_smile:
Thaaannkksss a lot…