About Brave ads paid on 6 May

I write to you because my brave reward was not send to my wallet today 6 of May when it need to be send because my payment was set up on 6 May.
I claim my bat and nothing, and now next payment is on 6 Jun.
Can you help me please.


Same for me. After being unable to claim anything for 4 months before this, the may 6th rewards have been shifted over to june 6th.

My side also same problem.last night dicreased my Bat…but did not move to my veryfied wallet

The same thing occurs to me this morning on Windows 10 laptop. Today 6. May should be the ”payment day” on my Windows 10 laptop.
I did over check my Uphold wallet, which is connected to the browser but, nothing happened yet. I just can’t withdraw the amount of 6+ BAT because they have simply vanished.

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After me is a good idea that the date of payment for this month to be on 9 May after they resolve the problem with the payment.

We wait for the payment from 6 of May , now they moved om 6 Jun.

Last 2 months I got no BAT transfer from ad rewards to my UPHOLD wallet. What is going on

Yes me too. i opened the browser yesterday (6th May) and noticed by rewards dropped in value. I assumed it had been moved to my uphold account, but there is nothing in there and nothing pending?
What happened?

Yesterday, 6. May had to be the ”payment” day for my Linux and Win 10 laptops to already connected and verified Uphold wallet. Did not take place in the morning as usual, but somewhere at the end of the day, after 11+ p.m. / 23:00+ CEST local time.

I want to point out that the payments took place later and I already received the BAT’s in my Uphold wallet.

I didn’t find a way to claim my BAT’s from iOS Brave browser but I think I can live with this.

A similar post was created here:
Account and payment issues

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Unfortunately, nothing in my wallet Midday AEST 7 May and no notification. Although I do not know what format the "notification " would take. Email? Pop up in Browser? Other??

I started thinking that Brave is not good at all and just trying people to improve their business and not even answering to us, maybe we should just delete altogether. If I no get my rewards this month then I would start making the post about BRAVE and their practices.

OK, a lot of people have the same problem… Is not Brave responding? I saw that all people here have the same problem (me too).

I received an email a few hours ago telling me my Uphold account had just been credited. I checked and it had

Hello all, see May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors for explanation.

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In terms of the liberation of the internet or independence of browsing, if you wish, the Brave Team are pioneers in this extremely tuff game. It depends on what you want. If you are thinking about getting rich from just browsing then your wrong. I encourage you to stay calm and wait patiently for a resolution. I’m am sure that would be one. So keep calm and browsing with Brave, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m sure it will be the best experience with such great values of integrity. Privacy is more important than you thought, my friend. Peace may be with you all.

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