Brave not giving BAT and also claiming error

Once again my bat has been taken away and when i tried to claim it just threw error signs at me. I have lost 5 Bat in total now and its really not cool as im a promoter for brave and this wont be good if my referrals get the same thing. Also no reply since the last post weeks ago?

watched over 100 ads and waited a whole month to get nothing its very disappointing…

Me too
Moreover, since several days, I don’t receive any reward for referral whereas I am active member, and usually, I receive very often rewards for referral

Please Brave, can you also solve that problem ?

please check

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I am having this issue too and so are other people that have Apple iOS. This seems to happen a lot to us Mac users. Not great user experience Brave.

Update: So i received 2.1 BAT this morning which im grateful thank you Brave. Was just wondering though, when will I receive the remaining BAT?

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