Missing bat on brave

Hi. This morning I had over 3 Bats rewarded on Brave. Now only 1.4 and I’ve done nothing. Could you help me? Many thanks

I had a similar problem today - I started with 15 BAT and tried to claim it (it didn’t let me) and then my pending rewards went down from 15 to 4.

Did you receive any suggestion from support?


Does everybody on this thread have a connected Uphold wallet? I suspect there might be some delay between the accounting for estimated earnings and the actual Uphold transaction hitting the wallet. No BAT should be lost and hopefully this will all clear up in a few hours.

@jsecretan - I would say, message from @asad is clear

  1. Users that are using Uphold user wallets are not impacted
  2. Users that are impacted via the error above will not lose their BAT
  3. This error is cross platform and impacts all platforms

Thanks for your reply. I’ve an Uphold connected with Brave but I don’t have transferred anything yet. Let’s hope to recover my BAT asap.
Looking forward to hearing from you


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