Major changes in Rewards? No longer available in my region?

I noticed that in the last few days my rewards stopped. I went to check the dedicated page and I noticed a change: Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region. A am in Italy. Anyone else experiencing the same?

Moderators are able to confirm?

Check via this

Thank you, Italy is included, so I don’t understand.

IMPORTANT UPDATE - I solved all problems - at least for now - I found out that some applications (Microsoft PC) can interfere with the Rewards program. In my case I installed about a month ago OpenVPN, when all problem started. Even if disactivated issues were accumulating. Lately I couldn’t even verify an already verified Brave wallet that resulted unverified, with no active link to verify. Moreover my area resulted not available for the first time, even if listed in the active areas. Today I decided to uninstall clean Open VPN. Magically, I was able to verify again my wallet with Gemini, and all the numbers where instantly updated. It Seems that the Rewards system is working very well, if nothing interferes. I hope this uptdate can help with so many issues I see in the posts.

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are you using a VPN? That will cause problems as it did for me.

My vpn is always on and never causes issues.

Right, this is why I disinstalled it.

“Open VPN” did in my case. Otherwise I can’t explain how all rewards data were updated the minute after I uninstalled it.

I’m not saying that wasn’t your issue. I’m just pointing out that vpn’s can be used with Brave without a problem as opposed the other post that says it will cause problems. I use NORDvpn

It did mine and I reached out to Brave via Twitter who told me that it was my VPN causing the issue.

Dude, I understand that. But VPN’s do NOT cause problems for everyone.

Dude, I didn’t say it caused problems for everyone. I said it was an issue for me.

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