Brave rewards not showing up like they used to

I’m lucky to get a few brave ads a day. It used to be 2-4 per hr, I didn’t change anything, or clear my history. After a few updates ago is when it started happening.
On another topic, if I purchase a VPN and have it connected will that affect brave rewards.
Thanks for your time and help

vpn is not recommended for the purpose of watching ads
less ads is a known issue and ads not being repeated like before is a relief

Same here, there are several weird things going on (locale settings, etc.) but in the end maybe there aren’t just enough ads available for your/our region?

ads availablity does feel like an issue though locale settings etc have little effect
as of weird things
Is brave any less weird for early adopters ?
I had ads fired indiscriminately at me over a vpn in the early days
Simply couldn’t get it clear as to what was defective :blush:

Same here. My reward ads not showing up anymore . Ended on Christmas eve and i have not changed anything , Im on the Brave Dev version