November/December Rewards | Unverified | VPN


I did not receive Brave rewards for November and cannot claim rewards for December. I read that it might be related to using a VPN.

I am using Express VPN, chosing a server whichever has the best traffic (different countries).

Am I blocked now completly for this reward program? My intention was not to somehow fool the rewards program.

Please help

No, VPNs work for me. I use NordVPN on two of my computers, and I have received ads and rewards on them. I’m also unverified, like you.

Brave Rewards is just a buggy, screwed-up system. Sometimes you get rewards. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes some of your BATs just vanish from your total like 15 BATs did from mine in December. Other times, you get flagged in their server, stop getting ads, and you have to spend a week getting help from these overworked support guys. I just reset my wallet and move on. It isn’t worth it.

I’m sorry, man. Best wishes to you.


hi teetui,

thanks for your reply.

Yes, I am following this forum section a while and it seems a lot of people have the same problem (+vanishing BAT in wallet).

One question: what do you mean with reset wallet? By installing the browser new? Or how do you do it? Is it working now for you after the reset?


Resetting your wallet is like reinstalling Brave. It deletes your wallet and everything in it and starts fresh with a new wallet ID. In the Brave menu, select Brave Rewards, then press the “Manage your wallet” button and select the Reset tab. Don’t do this unless it’s a last resort, because you will lose all your BATs that you have accrued.

Between my wife and son and I, we have four computers that are receiving ads but don’t have the Claim button and all unverified funds have been distributed. Last month, it was two computers that did this. Only my two computers are using a VPN. I have no idea what is going on with Brave Rewards, but it’s frankly a shitshow. I don’t know how they’re going to convince anyone to go with this model.


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