Problem with Brave Rewards

Yesterday, I recommended Brave to a friend, and he decided to install it.

When he activates the Brave Rewards, it doesn’t work for him. Brave tells him that this feature is not available in his country. ( in France )

He lives in the same country where I live, where Brave Reward is enabled.

We don’t understand why he doesn’t have access to this feature, can you help us solve this problem?

He’s got Windows 10 and the latest version of Brave.

Hi @Lucky_F0x - thanks for reporting. Is you friend running a VPN by chance?

Hi I’m is friend and i don’t use any vpn

Can you try using VPN. The free ones will be just fine. I helped out someone when he wasn’t getting Brave rewards. Seems like one possibility that people don’t get rewards is related to their IP address, but I’m not 100% sure. Just use a free VPN, choose a region supported by Brave, wait a few minutes and see if you get a Brave ad. Then after that, turn VPN off and see if you start getting ads normally without VPN.

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