Can't set up rewards

Hello everyone,

I’m new in the Brave community. I’ve downloaded Brave but I’m not able to receive any rewards BATs . Anyone can help me set it up correctly?

Thank you

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@litibru can you elaborate more about your issue? I’m not really sure.


Good morning,

Yes, thank you for reaching out. I’ve downloaded Brave from a referral link and did all the necessary steps to set it up( 5 ads/hour) . it’s been 3 days and nothing not even one ad. I’m in Belgium and using Win 10.
I hope you can give me an idea why it’s not working. If you need anything else I 'll get try to respond as quick as I can.

Thank you

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Did you use VPN?

Current supported regions for Brave Ads is US, Canada, Germany, French and UK.


No I don’t use any VPN but I’ve seen youtubers from italy that use Brave with rewards and Italy is not on your list.

i have the same issue and i come also from belgium


Same, I’m getting the message: “There was a problem processing your contribution.”
I’m also from Belgium. Brave seems to be popular in Belgium :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Juliensavoldi,

At least you are getting some kind of a message. I don’t have nothing no messages no ads. I don’t know if I use a VPN service will change anything.

Thanks to you all

In the Netherlands, we have the same issue.

Hopefully, Brave comes up with a good solution in the short term.

After all, the rewards should form one of the foundations on which the network is built upon.

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