MacOS anomalies

Annoying more than significant - 2 video issues
1 - Amazon Prime video play/pause/fwd/back overlay won’t go away without quitting or reboot
2 - MacOS system doesn’t recognize video is playing and monitor goes to sleep

These only happen in MacOS
MacOS 10.15.7

Hi @lightspeed2011, thanks for reporting. Can you please try the following setting to see if that resolves the issue. To disable Hardware Acceleration through the macOS terminal. Follow the instructions below:

Open the Terminal and enter this command: open -a "Brave" --args --disable-gpu Do let me know if you require further assistance.

Let us know if that resolves the issue. Regards.


Thanks for the quick response for “relatively minor” issues.

Applied the change you suggested.

Being intermittent issues, not sure if or when they may occur again; but, as I indicated, there are work arounds.


Hello @lightspeed2011, thanks for replying. If the issue persists try this another setting:

Also, going to brave://flags > Search 'Vulkan' > Disable Vulkan > Retest

Let us know what is the outcome of this. Regards.

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