Issue with video streaming on youtube or other sites

Good day All,

I experience an issue with watching videos in full screen mode on youtube, netflix etc. In simple words Im starting video in full screen mode and after few seconds video “crossing” in very strange way. When i only move mouse or make a screenshot video back to normal and again after few seconds cross again. In small window view problem does not exist

MacBook Air 11 early 2015
MacOs Big Sur ver 11.2.3
Brave browser ver 1.23.73

hmm interesting video playback

Does disabling Hardware acceleration via brave://settings/system help?

Unfortunatelly not, still the same

I would try in private window mode, also test if it occurs in Chrome also.


Private window mode same problem. Good call, on Chrome Video behave in exact the same way.


disabling Hardware acceleration actually helped. I just needed to relaunch browser after this operation and now video working perfectly.

So simple resolution

Thank you

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