Lost my BAT Rewards

Hello i have lost all my BAT Rewards, i saw them yesterday today when i opened browser all are gone, i assume its something to do with payout, can you please check

were they on your browser wallet ? or publisher account ?
if it was on browser wallet, then how did you got them ? by grants ? or by ads ?

Hello, I have the same issue. Woke up two days ago and my rewards (which are pending I suppose t’ill payment date) are all gone. My browser wallet is wiped out. I have only been using Brave browser for less than a week so my 3 BAT are now gone.
I got those rewards via ads. Will this happen again? What is the underlying cause of the loss? It’s like if the rewards program reset itself. Now I am at .25 bat from today.

i think you have auto-contribute turned On. if yes then probably your Bat tips are processed automatically.
if you don’t want to auto-contribute, you can turn Off the feature.

My auto contribute has alwayss been off

Are the BAT still missing? Often this is just a display issue.

You might also have “Auto-Contribute” enabled. In the “Rewards Settings” you can check and deactivate that if you like.

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