Lost half of my BAT rewards

I was curious if anyone else randomly lost almost half of their BAT from the AD rewards. I have been using the Brave browser for some time and I have been gathering BAT over the last week. I logged in today and found that half of my rewards are gone. I do not have auto contribute turned on, and I did not tip anyone. Can anyone help or has anyone experienced the same issue?


I have the same problem. Yesterday I had 8.55 BAT for 171 ads viewed and today I only have 3.33 for 66 ads … it must be related to the fifth of the month …


HI, I have the same problem too. I had approximately 6 BAT from ad viewing last week, but now more than half of it has gone. I didn’t tip or auto contribute either. At first, I thought it will transfer to my wallet but my wallet is also empty. I hope the problem can be solved, because it could totally affect user experience. For me, If my tokens are lost permanently I think I can lose my trust to the project and stop using the browser.


Hi, i’ve got the same problem too. Half BAT from rewards has gone last night . And “rewards” seems not working at all since few hours …

Me too, i had 6 BAT yesterday evening and this morning only 3 BAT, don’t know how to check the uphold wallet.

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Hello all. This has happened to me as well. I had earned around 8 BAT over the last few days. Refreshed after my most recent ad, and it dropped by about 70%, down to 2.4 BAT.

Today is my Monthly payment date, so it would make sense for that balance to be moved over to my live wallet - however no such deposit has occurred. Plus I would think that if this was reflective of a cash out event, the whole balance would have been moved.

Would love some insight into what has happened.


Same here, Lost approx. 75% of BAT now only 4,2 and nothing in wallet. Happened 5th May same day as supposed to be paid out to wallet.

Need input from brave admins.




I completely agree with you, I know this is the first rewards payout ( I expected some kind of glitch). However, if they do not fix this soon, I think people will loose faith in the browser and project. I am glad that we have this Brave community though, at least we can raise awareness about the problem. I hope this is fixed soon.

I have the same problem, I had 4.6 BAT one hour ago and now i have 2.35 BAT. It’s a mystery. :confused:


In uncertain times like these, I look to discobot for answers. Discobot, will this be sorted out?

@discobot fortune?

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:crystal_ball: Outlook good

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See that? Sage Wisdom from a bot.

@discobot quote.

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:left_speech_bubble: The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself. — Oscar Wilde

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@Asad @eljuno Why is that happening?

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Same thing here. I just installed Brave about 10 days ago. Half of the ad rewards are gone today. When they are paid out, where will they go? Do I have to download a wallet for the rewards to go to?

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@weird1 Right now only Brave Verified Publishers can withdraw BAT to their Uphold wallet once it is deposited (once monthly) on the 8th. User Wallets (Browser Wallets) are set to receive their funds on the 5th, which is probably why things have gone awry today. However, User Wallets cannot currently withdraw BAT. Rather, they can only tip content creators, some of whom are Brave Verified Publishers. From what I’ve read, there is a future roadmap for User (Browser) Wallet Withdrawals, but that functionality does not yet exist. If you are a Content Creator and wish to receive tips, the answer is: Yes, you need to create an Uphold wallet (at the moment).

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Same here.

Installed a just under a month (28 days about) ago and yesterday (May 4th 2019) i had over 66 Ads clicked and over 3.20 BAT at just over a dollar and today when i come on to check my wallet since its the 5th and still 0 coins in my Brave Rewards wallet.

Yes its just a petty amount but the fact is it didn’t say anywhere about loss of half my coins on payday so i would get in exchange 0 rewards…

I do not have the auto pay settings on either!
Now i only have Half of the BAT tokens from my Ads.

Some Dev Insight would be nice.

Also like the one question above. DO i need to download something else to work with the Basic Brave rewards for my tokens to go ? like the Uphold wallet or is it all done in the “Brave Wallet” built into the rewards section of the Browser?

I do my Bidding on PC Browser and IOS

@kailedude As a browser user, it is supposed to just drop into your user wallet, and once you get it, it is yours to tip. No download necessary. I’ve seen the process with Android phones that received the Free Token Grant. If you have an android phone, and download the browser you may get some free tokens when you enable rewards. They drop right into the wallet, which you open by clicking on the BAT Triangle in the right side of the address bar:


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Hi everybody, first, very sorry for the confusion here. As many of you have guessed, this is related to 5th of the month. Ads rewards payouts are getting processed for users today. As part of that, the counter will reset to ad views/earnings for the next cycle. However, there is a known issue where some “uncashed in” payment tokens are not reflected as part of that total (https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/4008) and it will be hot fixed to all channels this week. Important to note that no BAT is lost in this case. Also, because of the way payment tokens are cashed in with a delay, some ads seen in the last month will actually be paid on the next cycle. So if you opted in late last month (as in with the release channel ads), your first ads payment may not be until next month.


Adding a Pending bar or Notification bar for “Pending Payouts” would be Greatly appreciated so that we (The People) would be able to see our pending amounts being added to our wallets so at least it would reassure us that it is in fact working so we don’t just start a Support link like this to find out whats going on.

Also Adding a “Ad Click History” would just be a nice feature