Lazy load tabs on the new browser update


As was present in the previous version, please implement lazy loading of tabs. It was one of my favourite features that Brave had, which many browsers do not. By lazy load, I mean when you launch the browser and resume a previous session, it doesn’t load a tab until you click on it and bring it into focus.

For users like myself that leave 20, 30+ tabs open, this is a necessity. It’s great for memory usage, CPU usage, etc.

If there are also people that prefer it to load instantly (as many people have their own way of using a browser) then a setting to toggle lazy load on/off would be much appreciated.


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+1 I think with the current version (Brave-Core) this feature is implemented but only if you minimise the browser or put the computer to sleep, correct?

I second it @Kalyori I remember seeing it once but perhaps it can be put in line with the below list of /P5 issues @mattches, what do you think?

+1 to this. Lazy loading for pages and tabs is a nice feature.