Tabs and memory


I’m starting to use Brave seriously, although I had already installed it a few months ago (but I’m still very attached to Firefox). I wanted to know how Brave handles tabs, if it’s done intelligently to unload the memory when you have tabs open but not used. Do they become dormant? I read, yesterday, that Chrome has this feature in Performance, in the version that has just been updated, but I don’t know if it’s also present in Chromium, and that Brave will inherit it too in the next update.

Thanks for your clarifications and have a nice day/evening.

did you get an answer? I don’t see one. Bookmarks (tabs?) seem to be taking lots of memory. I don’t really want to delete the bookmarks. what to do?

The Save Memory or Suspend Tabs feature is now natively implemented.

Currently the "Default " time I believe is 1 Hour, this can be changed using the following Flag, the times to change are few, not to say inconsistent, but functional. I only ask that the time can be adjusted at will without having to enter the Flags.



I hope this is helpful, if you want your doubts to be solved don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what the Community is for.