Automatically load some tabs on browser startup

By default Brave loads only first tab on browser startup. For me it is important to load automatically some other tabs as well.

For example: I have several pinned tabs and one of them is a calendar. Calendar can display desktop notifications about meetings and I need to get all these notifications.
But it does not work until I go to that tab to make brave to load it. I have to do that on every browser startup, this is annoying.

So I would like to have a menu item like ‘Load automatically’ for every (pinned?) tab.
Maybe there is some hidden config for that? If brave can automatically load all pinned tabs on startup - this is also fine for me.



Open brave://settings/getStarted, open pages of your choice, then add current pages as in image

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Thanks @CerealLover for suggestion, but I need to keep tabs from previous session, so switching to this is not an option. Any other ideas?

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