All memorized tabs are loaded simultaneously

Hi everyone, this is my first post (with the help of google translate).
I have a problem with Brave Windows version V1.38.119 (May 17, 2022):
I like to leave open tabs for later (continue where you left off, in Settings) and group them thematically. Before the last update everything was OK, when opened Brave, only the active tab was loaded (screen 1). Recently, however, after opening Brave, all remembered tabs are loaded at once! (screen 2). This puts a huge load on the CPU.
Is this a recent version bug? Or maybe some preference setting? Help!



@Johnnie_Ballantines Works fine on my side. I have Windows 11 with latest Brave.
Try this:

  1. Disable continue where you left off and set start page to dashboard or any page
  2. Allow Brave to continue running in the background @ brave://settings/system
  3. Clear browser cache
  4. Restart Brave and set it to continue where you left off
  5. Group tabs and restart Brave
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Thanks. Iā€™m trying now.

@CerealLover I think I have found a solution. By accident :wink:
I was browsing extensions in Brave and disabled one of them as it was not working properly before. And everything is back to normal :slight_smile:
This add-on is Tab Activate from the Chrome Store:

Thanks again for your interest!

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