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Is there any option with which i can start up Brave and load only tabs that i went to.
Its a little bit strange couse some tabs “load” (working in task manager view already after startup)
and some not, load after clicking it (and only after that visible in task manager).
I have 10 tabs on startup im in tab 1 and i dont want tabs from 2 to 10 to load (even in task manager /background/) until i click them.
I have 10 tabs on startup im in tab 1 (visible in tm) and have 4 tabs more unload (but working in tm view) and 5 tabs unload (not visible in tm view).

I just want as many memory and cpu free for other apps.

If there is option like this. #support-and-troubleshooting

If there isnt option like this. #brave-feature-requests


@Cheshire, thanks for reaching out.
I think there’s a flag or two that may help with this.

  1. In the address bar, type Brave://flags
  2. Search for a flag called #expensive-background-timer-throttling
  3. Enable this flag and relaunch your browser

Let me know if this resolves your issue.


I dont think thats it still preloading tabs probably lowering their CPU usage a bit but its not what i was looking for (disabling all preloading).
Im looking for it bec i often have 20-30 tabs in use and if brave preload even half of them it will be taking without the need a lot of memory (1 idle twitch tab after preload taking even 150+k).


@Mattches, previous Brave (muon) is do lazy load tabs on start up, IIRC. It’ll only load the active/focused tab.

Should we log a request for this? :slightly_smiling_face:


Let me ask around a bit, I feel like I was just talking to someone about this.


Yea i figured out that it load only last used tabs but tab become active/focused after 1-2 visits also i couldn’t find any flag with anything common to preloading it will be nice if there was a flag that i can just disable and get rid off this.

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