July Rewards Never Arrived?


Your image should load like this


Yeah still waiting for July as well for my desktop as well as mobile, verified on both. Also I am not recieving any ads on desktop for most of July thru now 8/8/2022. I’m running the current browser. any advice of info on current glitches would be appreciated. thank you.

How you earn 18bat in a month ?

It’s hard but doable.

But I think there must be some rollover amount in it.


They are trying to fix an issue with the claim buttons. At the moment payouts are suspended.

Hi all, did you receive the option to claim your earnings?

Is the Claim button already available?

hello steeven, there is still the sign that says: Your July rewards for a value of BAT will be available soon. Be aware!

@steeven no luck still says Your +2.498 BAT July rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out! [Check status]


  • One Mac shown Claim button when click I got credit in my gemini wallet almost instantly
  • Another Mac shown Claim button when click Never get Credit since Aug 5.

Both show that my rewards was arrived in wallet.

Hi @Bananas12 @Shayan786 were you able to claim as well?

Yes!!! i able to claim!

This issue should now be resolved:

No Claim button is NOT showing up for July. I was supposed to receive 7 BAT. But so far nothing… not sure what to do next - any suggestions? I was receiving May and June no problem and I am using Gemini Wallet too… but for some reason nothing for July… no claim button…how do I fix this?

Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form? From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you

No, it is the 2nd month I didn’t get a claim button. In July too I didn’t get claim button I’ve raise a ticket for support team and received a reply saying to wait for August payout, July payout will be accumulated with Aug payout. But I didn’t get claim button in August too now.
What else I can do when even support team is not sure ?

No steevan :pensive::pensive: please help us

Yes, a new claim button appeared again, and I could successfully claim the right amount of bat token. Thank you for your support!

Did you received claim button last month ?