Last's month rewards wasn't paid!

I am havin a terrivble situation and feel robbed! Where is my rewards, last month I clicked every possible ads I was notified on my browser and when the month closed my rewards were gone and the extract shows NOTHING!!! This is really really sad, Gemini is not supported on my country, but the rewards used to be there, now it’s empty and showing only my estimated earnings of 0,680 BAT so far. I don’t know what happened, but I’m very disappointed. I have brave wallet set up on my browser but nothing too.

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This happens sometimes. Has happened to me. The rewards got rolled into next month along with that month’s earnings. You will have to raise a ticket to let them know about your case. raise one at

Happened to my again. didn’t get my BAT last month or this month and it looks like my wallet is flagged.

I have a ticket: 164646

You don’t get BAT for clicking ads. In fact, Brave requests we only click on ads that interest us. Just letting you know as a FYI.

Umm, if you’ve been connected to Gemini in the past you should be able to connect again now. Just as long as it’s the same browser. When is the last time you tried to link your browser to Gemini?

It’s common to see it go to zero when the new month hits. But I take it you’re saying you’ve never had a Claim button or are you saying you’re claiming it but it then doesn’t show in the browser?

Correct, because that’s the current month’s estimated earnings. When a new month begins, then estimated earnings reset.

That has absolutely nothing to do with Rewards.

And awesome. At least that’s in, so someone from Brave can investigate. But at least had wanted to ask questions I did in prior reply just to get a better understanding as well.

Thank you for replying!

  • I tried to connect to gemini yesterday, doesn’t work because of location.
  • I never had a Claim button, it says “congrats, your october’s rewards arrived!”, but no button to claim.

I’ll open a ticket to solve this problem. I have a question though, do you know if I can recover my rewards if I perform a clean re-install? Thank you for your time.

That’ll clear all rewards data… Including Current earnings.

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ive been using brave for a couple years and havent been able to redeem my rewards the past 2 years

So you need to raise a ticket as I mentioned. Also try verifying your rewards. If you get an error do update

I have a ticket no ones got back to me

They will. They have a lot of tickets during this part of the month generally…

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