Says august rewards arrived but cant see an option to claim it

I have two brave browsers im using and in both of them it says that “Congrats! Your August rewards have arrived!” but In both of them the balance is still 0. i went to rewards section and still cant see any claim option. My gemini is not connected cuz im in india, uphold doesnt seem to work either. but either way im supposed to see my bat reward in my balance but its not showing up. Any idea why or how to fix it.


Yeah same problem for me

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same problem for me too

I suggest you guys open a support ticket using the link below, so that Brave support can have a look at your issue

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It’s happening to very many users. I’ve filled out a support ticket and have yet to get a meaningful or helpful response.

What is going on over at Brave?

Same issue. No claim button.

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It says that I received a reward. But there is no button or tokens.
How much is enough?
Every month there are problems with payments.

same for me too, no button.

I used the “claim button” and it gave me an error, i exited the browser, opened it again a few hours later and the “claim button” no longer appeared.

Check in “brave://rewards-internals/” then in “Promotions” and it doesn’t appear.

Just wait for for a day or week claim option will be shown in the rewards section

same problem, lot of users having the same problem, brave should fix this problem as soon as possible cause i’ve seen a lot of threads here with the same post.

Today, a wild “Claim” button appeared!

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Nice. I’m hoping that’s all it is for everyone. I know payments just finished processing today.

Hi everyone,

Following up if you did receive a claim button?
Could you like this comment so that I know you did get one?


i didnt receive a claim button @SaltyBanana
i have dm`ed you my wallet id

It said, “Congrats! Your August rewards have arrived!”, but no claim button.
It feels like there are some issues every month. Hopefully Brave can have improvements on this.

I also Claimed my rewards but nothing was added to my account.

Hi - Have the same issue. Tells me August Rewards have arrived but no rewards.
23+ BAT was the estimate previously.
No Option to claim received as yet and I have Gemini verified Wallet

Just checked Payout status and says all payments completed.

Must be a major bug

Same applies to me. i had never the option to click the claim button as usual for the August rewards. I have also opened a request ticket on brave support but no answer so far.

Hi following up on this thread, thanks everyone for sharing the following.

If you did submit a ticket, could you send me a direct message of your ticket number and we can take a closer look at the issue.

We ask kindly that if you are still experiencing issues with receiving your payout, please submit a ticket to the support form which you can find here -

Much thanks!

Closing this thread.