Didn't receive my March rewards

Hello, I just wanted to ask what happened with my March rewards. I usually claimed by clicking the claim button in rewards panel as usual. Then in March my estimated was like 1.9 BAT, but now that April started there’s no claim button or anything. I decided to link and uphold account if it’s relevant. That was a couple of minutes ago though.

Thanks in avance!

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Every month my BAT accumulates and then says it will be verified in a few days like it does today 4/3/22. BUt after that period it just disappears. There is no message or any displayed reason it just goes away. It is pretty scammy and unappreciated because there is not even an email address for customer service. This unanswered forum is all there is.

You will get claim button after 8th of every month.
earlier it was 7th.

and if you have Uphold or Gemini verified account connected. your reward will automatically get deposited in your wallet after 8th.


Yes, the claim button should be ready in a few days’ time as @mnarshi mentioned:

I think t depends on where in the world you are.

Related to this, you should get a message under your Brave Rewards (or brave://rewards/) that says,

Your +X.YZ BAT March rewards will arrive in # days

If you se that, you’re good to go.

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This is happening to most of us. I am pretty sure the DEVs are scamming and taking all our BAT and then they say they are working on it. Dont expect to EVER get what you earned.

Same thing happened to me, my March rewards were 1.98 BAT, it showed me that my rewards will arrive after 6 days, now everything disappeared and I received only 0.250 BAT.
Devs should explain to us whats happening.

Same, i earned 20 BAT and i received only 7 BAT… Where are my BAT from March period ?

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