Yet again, the rewards claiming process isn't going smoothly

I use the brave browser on 3 different PCs throughout the month. This past week, 2 of the 3 prompted me to claim my BAT rewards, but one did not. On the 2 that let me claim, the transfer was smooth and Gemini received them. My 3rd PC still has not asked me to claim and shows that there is no payout pending. I don’t see anything in brave://rewards-internals/ and nothing shows in the rewards view statement area (nothing for July).

What gives!?!

Things that come to my mind:

  • Ensure you have the latest version
  • Ensure that you use your browser frequently and keep it running long hours per day in order to allow for proper reconciliation
  • Check if your hardware is fast enough: Slow devices have shown more troubles than fastest ones
  • It is possible that the update to version 1.40 did not come on time for a full reconciliation. It was made available too close to the end of June. In that case, your accumulated rewards would be included in July payout

If nothing of the above works, then I suggest you to open a support ticket

This browser is on a laptop so it isn’t on unless I’m using it. I have recently left it running but still no rewards to claim. The laptop is fast enough to get the rewards in past months. The browser is the latest version. How do I get the missed rewards for the July payout? I guess I’ll open a support ticket.

I opened a support ticket but nothing seems to be happening with it.

How long ago? Keep in mind they get plenty and it can take a while. They generally try to get to things within 5 business days, but that’s never a guarantee.

Do you mean 5 business years?

The case number for this ticket is 144361. I opened it on July 14th and the last correspondence was on July 15th. I was asked to show the ad history for June (which I could only show half of because the history only goes back 30-days).

Feature request = make the reward history go back 60 days at least (preferably 90 days).

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Sounds like a good idea.

Still no love from Brave support on this.

I got lost in everything I was doing and didn’t see you responded last week. It’s the weekend now, so not sure if we’ll get any responses. But I’ll toss tags out to @SaltyBanana and @steeven to see if they can swing by and follow up on your ticket at least.

Enjoy your weekend… It can wait till Monday. Thanks for the reply to let me know it’s still being looked at.

Weekends over… any news?

@Dheadrick Only thing I can say is I messaged @SaltyBanana and @Evan123 hoping one of the two would drop in on you. Been a lot of tickets lately, but I imagine you should be hearing from them soon.

I can see your ticket right now — it looks like the team member you’ve been talking to has asked you to provide your logs to us and give them the case number provided afterwards (so we know it’s yours).

Ok… How do I export the info you need?

Instructions on how to send logs were sent in the last response from the support team member you’re working with.

I have uploaded the log file.
Case number:

Please send that case number to the agent you were working with previously. Thank you.

So many people have been helping me that I don’t know who to send it to!?

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Were you helping me with this?

I have uploaded the log file.
Case number: 314fd79c-b1a4-4594-a5d3-e859e395377a