Didn't got CLAIM option this month! (24+h, no response)

Something doesn’t seem right and I haven’t received the claim option (platform- Android) for last months payment.
My account is not connected with any wallet (e.g. Uphold or Gemini).

Below are the required info (maybe):

Key info seed: Valid
Wallet payment ID: 293893d1-5ce8-4535-9e86-ad15e4e09637
Wallet created: 07/25/2021, 10:36:30 AM

I request to @steeven to take a look.
Thank you.

I now see the “Payments Completed” on the status and I still have not received the claim button which confirms that something is not quite right. Please help.
@SaltyBanana @steeven

I have the same problem here as well. No ‘claim your ad earning’ button and until now, no BAT tokens arrive in my brave wallet

These mods aren’t replying to pm nor the post zzzz

I hope, still waiting for a response.

I have never seen that bad customer support. There is no staff member online. I have been waiting for them for so long.

forget about support they haven’t replied my private message.

This is bad sooooooooooo :pensive:

If you open your Brave rewards and you get it verified you going to get notifications if you turn them on so you won’t forget about you and Rewards all you got to do is go to your app store and once you go to the App Store download bet Brave Rewards verifying your uphold on it you should be fine after that just go to settings and turn on your notifications

Go to your settings bar music video series bar go to settings of Brave after that go turn on buttons not unable has probably got a Moneyball so you got to turn them back on after I do she’ll be finding you should have the button so make sure you go to your settings of Brave when you’re in the website if you’re on your phone they should be three little dots not that I just go to the little lion as you pull up the settings and it should be like the middle one or the last one or is his friends if you want a Monday able or Abel

Go to your settings you have the right to pick which as you want to see and which ones you don’t and which ones are popping up and which ones are not and if you go to the little line with your browsing the cute pic what kind of ads you want to see

What the f**********

Please look @steeven, I’ve also DM’d you

@steeven @steeven @steeven @steeven @steeven @steeven

HI @AanuMaanuKaanu, you joined community yesterday, and wrote in your first message last night. We’re a small team here. Thanks for your patience. Please see my reply to your DM.