Issues with latest release- youutbe and text

Description of the issue:
Started after updating to Brave v1.58.135
None of these issues appeared in the previous version.
Youtube- Video flickering worse when the mouse pointer passes over the video. Removed all you tube extensions and still had the problem.

Text is blurry. Will temporarily clear when I click in another window. Will look fine when I go back to Brave, until I start scrolling. The blurring will clear and then blur again when typing in a page or sometimes just passing the pointer over the page.

Windows 10 64 bit.
Nvidia 4070 w/ latest studio drivers.
AMD 5700X

Control panel set to Global settings on everything for Brave.

Turned hardware acceleration off in Brave and still have the same problems.

I took some screen captures using OBS studio showing the issues. Is there a way to send / post them?

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:


  • Does this only happen on YouTube?

  • Notice any difference with Shields off?

  • Have you tried in a new profile?

  • Did you make sure to update your drivers? Especially for your graphics.

  • If it still happens despite the above, can you test if it happens in Brave Beta and/or Brave Nightly?

  • If happens on Beta/Nightly, can you check on Chrome or another chromium based browser?

Yes on latest GPU drivers.
Video playback issues happen on youtube and rumble, but not vimeo or dailymotion. Fuzzy rendered text happens on all sites.
No problems in Iron Browser (Chrome based).

It did turn out to be hardware acceleration related. Even though I’d turned it off and relaunched Brave, it was still happening. But this morning when I went to check my settings, it was still on. Turned it off and relaunched and the problem cleared.

Went to turn it on to doublecheck, and it was still off after relaunch. Turned it on a second time and after the relaunch it was back on and the problems reoccurred. Was weird that I had to turn it off twice and back on twice to get the change to stick though. That issue has not reoccurred.

Iron has no issue with hardware acceleration turned on.

So it is hardware acceleration related. But the previous version of Brave had no issues with the hardware acceleration turned on. Same GPU, same driver version, no updates to windows in between.

Gave a nightly build a try and same issue when acceleration is turned on.

What this suggests is graphics settings are an issue. Hard part is figuring out what it’s like. But as an example, check out Huge instability lately (I have some additional links shared in response to person there in that topic)

Also Major issue with hardware acceleration - #3 by mareisen and Multiple sites with visual glitches - #3 by slavprussiaottoman

Essentially it would be going through and trying to change settings or you could try resetting your graphics driver.

Shortcut to reset your graphics driver is +Ctrl +Shift +B at the same time. You’ll hear a small beep and your screen will flash/flicker for a second. This sometimes is enough to resolve.

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