Issue with Twitch player while I'm in other tab / using other application


Recently i switched to brave from google chrome and noticed issue with twitch player while watching the stream. Even when i have set up my twitch account to always set up the highest quality possible which is usually 1080p 60 fps i noticed when i leave stream active (only listening to audio) on that quality when i go to other tab or just alt tab into other app after some time brave seems to lower quality to lowest possible when come back to tab with that stream. I guess it’s helpful in lowering hardware usage but the thing is that usually it set up to highest quality right away when i come back to it but sometimes it just bug out and try to adjust quality without the end on lowest quality so i have to manually reload the whole website in order to get my 1080p back. Is it just me and is there an option to remove this “lower quality while inactive” option? Or maybe its just a simple issue that can be fixed easily? Would be nice to know if you also have this issue

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