Twitch Video Quality Auto Changing?


I watch a number of streams on Twitch.

Often I have I have Twitch open in one tab and I am doing something else in another tab.

I always set the Quality of the Twitch stream to the maximum, at the very least 1080p.

When I change tabs, and come back to Twitch, 50%+ of the time Brave has decided to downgrade the quality and I have to manually set it back.

Any way I can stop this happening?

Description of the issue:

When watching Twitch, Brave decides to reduce the quality of the video when I change tabs. When I move away from the Twitch tab and the video is set to 1080+, I come back and the video quality has auto adjusted to poor quality.

I have to manually set it back to better quality.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a Twitch Streamer and set the desired quality
  2. Navigate away from the Twitch tab to another.
  3. Return to Twitch Tab and witness the downgrade in quality.

Expected result:

Would like the quality never to change.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

Windows 11. A few addons, none that would interact with video.


Anyone with any ideas how to fix this?

Oh well - Had to uninstall Brave and have gone back to Firefox as it works properly.


Twitch/Youtube will only change quality if bandwidth resources (download) are stressed. We’re doing nothing differently to Chrome or Firefox here.

Test in private window mode/disable all extensions.

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